Elevate Your Chess
Teaching Skills

Empower your chess instruction skills

with our collaborative workshop designed for educators.

Acquire essential knowledge and tools under the guidance of renowned French Grandmaster Romain Edouard, equipping you to establish chess clubs within educational institutions. 

These masterclasses play a pivotal role in fostering strategic thinking, critical decision-making, and cognitive development among students, contributing to a holistic educational experience.

Join us to make a lasting impact on chess education.

Schedule :

Date Time   MasterClass
25/01/2024 16h30-17h30

"Conference: Tips for Becoming a Good Coach"

By:  GM Romain Edouard

27/01/2024 16h30-17h30

"Stress Management and Teaching Methods"

By: Psychoanalyst Abdessalem Sami

28/01/2024 16h30-17h30

"Personalized support for young with concentration difficulties"

By: Psychoanalyst Abdessalem Sami