Round 8 of Jeddah Chess Festival Features Riveting Matches and Strategic Battles


In a nail-biting encounter, GM Sadhwani found himself in a precarious position against IM Erdogmus. Being a full point behind his opponent, he made a tempting draw offer, trying to stay in contention for the top spot. The Turkish sensation, decided not to take unnecessary risks and accepted the draw offer to maintain his lead in the tournament.

GM Sadhwani vs IM Erdogmus (Photo Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Meanwhile, IM Woodward showcased his prowess by defeating FM Martinez, securing a crucial victory in the penultimate round.

IM Woodward vs FM Martinez (Photo Patricia Claros Aguilar)

The battle between Faustino Oro and Seemann unfolded dramatically, with Oro facing a formidable opening preparation from his opponent. By move 12, the position for Black became untenable, leading to a tough loss.

Djeddah Young Masters (

In another intense clash, GM Volodar Murzin emerged victorious against WGM Candela Francisco, while the game between IM Jan Klimkowsky and GM Pranav concluded in a hard-fought draw.

GM Murzin vs WGM Francisco (Photo Patricia Claros Aguilar)

As we approach the final round, the spotlight is on IM Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus, who only needs a draw to secure tournament victory. Simultaneously, IM Andy Woodward aims for a draw to achieve a coveted GM norm. Their crucial matchups with GMs Murzin and Sadhwani promise to be the highlight of the tournament's closing moments.

Note that the American Prodigy already has 2 GM norms: a draw or a win in round 9 would get him the title of Grandmaster!

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion in the last round tomorrow! The Jeddah Chess Festival is reaching its pinnacle, with players giving their all in pursuit of glory.