Karpov Cup Concludes: Jeddah Chess Tournament Wraps Up with Victorious Moments


The conclusion of the the Arabian Karpov Cup for U18 held as part of the Jeddah International Youth Chess Festival, conducted in a Swiss system over 9 rounds with the participation of 65 players, yielded the following final results:

First Place

1️⃣ Candidate Master (CM) Rouda Issa

Rouda Issa Alserkal, born in 2009, known as the "Chess Icon" or, as she is called in the UAE, the "Golden Star," has achieved the World Chess Championship in the under-8 category. She has won more than 20 medals at the Asian and global levels, continuously participating in both domestic and international tournaments, from camps to championships. She clinched her first championship by winning the gold medal at the Asian Schools Chess Championship for the under-six category in 2014 in Taipei. Later, she secured the bronze medal at the Asian Individual Chess Championship for girls under 8 in 2014. Rouda's accomplishments continued with victories and various medals in local, regional, and international competitions. Rouda has reached a rating of 1882 points, holding the title of "Candidate Master," and is striving to achieve the title of "International Master," the title preceding the "Grandmaster" title.

2️⃣ Mohamed Humeidan (on the left)

3️⃣ Alvaro Bravo (on the right)

4️⃣ Cristina Sureda

5️⃣ Saul Robledo


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Congratulations to the Spanish team for brightening the festival with its presence!

Chbihi shines with 5 victories at Jeddah Chess Festival, leading in the African category alongside Algeria and Egypt. A notable achievement for Morocco!

Summary of the Karpov Cup Tournament Results: General Ranking:

Award Name sex FED RtgI Pts.
1st General Rouda Essa, Alserkal F UAE 1882 7.5
2nd General Humaidan Mohamed, Alzaabi   UAE 1565 7.5
3rd General Bravo De La Vega, Alvaro   ESP 2121 7
1st Girl Sureda Gonzalez, Cristina F ESP 1818 7
2nd Girl Sawan, Eman F PLE 1807 6
3rd Girl Toquero Gracia, Laura F ESP 1727 5.5
1st 2006-2007 Robledo Sanchez, Saul   ESP 2000 6.5
2nd 2006-2007 Garijo Perez, Hugo   ESP 2270 6
3rd 2006-2007 Sureda Gonzalez, Miquel   ESP 1849 6
1st 2008-2009 Rashed Abubaker, Alhemeiri   UAE 1654 6
2nd 2008-2009 Fates, Omer Salah   LBA 1867 6
3rd 2008-2009 Romero Barkouk, Rayan   ESP 1868 5.5
1st 2010-2011 Al-Qudaimi, Abdullah   YEM 1494 6.5
2nd 2010-2011 Shahan, Abu Sayeed   IND 1087 6
3rd 2010-2011 Sultan, Zaid.   SYR 0 5.5
1st 2012-2013 Almutairi, Musaad H   KSA 0 5
2nd 2012-2013 Almutairi, Mashhour Hassan S   KSA 0 4.5
3rd 2012-2013 Rahali, Mohamed Hedi   TUN 0 4.5
1st 2014-2015 Al Maawali, Yousuf   OMA 0 4.5
2nd 2014-2015 Al Riyami, Majd   OMA 1087 4
3rd 2014-2015 Al Ghafri, Noor F OMA 0 3.5
1st 2016+ Khalil, Omar   SYR 0 3.5
2nd 2016+ Al Saud, Faisal Bin Talal   KSA 0 2.5
3rd 2016+ Hoor, Fatima F IND 0 1