IM Erdogmus Secures Second GM Norm, Leads the Jeddah Chess Festival in Round 7


After a thrilling Round 7 of the Jeddah Chess Festival, IM Erdogmus emerged victorious against FM Martinez, securing his second GM norm and taking the lead with an impressive 6 points.


IM Erdogmus and FM Martinez (Photo: Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Djeddah Young Masters (


In other exciting matchups, IM Woodward triumphed over IM Seemann, while GM Pranav outplayed WGM Francisco in intense, long games.


IM Woodward in a focused moment during the match against IM Seemann. (Photo: Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Djeddah Young Masters (


Despite a challenging situation after the opening against FM Fautisno Oro, IM Klimkowski managed to salvage a draw.


 FM Faustino Oro and IM Klimkowski (Photo: Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Djeddah Young Masters (

Looking ahead to Round 8, top seed Sadhwani (5/7) is set to face tournament leader Erdogmus (6/7) in a crucial clash with the White pieces. This game could potentially determine the tournament's ultimate winner.

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