Anticipating the Final Rounds: Jeddah Chess Festival Highlights from Rounds 5 & 6!


The Jeddah International Youth Chess Festival reached its midpoint with the world's top U18 players relentlessly battling through each round.

Round 5 & 6 Highlights:

A draw agreed upon between Sadhwani and Seemann set the tone for ongoing battles on other boards.

Sadhwani and Seemann

IM Jan Klimkowski held a promising position against the tournament leader IM Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus, building anticipation for the outcome. Nonetheless, Erdogmus managed to secure a draw, maintaining his tournament lead with a score of 4/5. 

GM Volodar Murzin secured a victory against FM Jaime Rey Martinez, leaving just one game remaining.

Jaime Rey Martinez and Volodar Murzin

IM Andy Woodward triumphed over WGM Candela Francisco, intensifying the fight on the remaining three boards.

Andy Woodward and WGM Candela Francisco

GM Pranav showcased amazing technique, winning a drawn queen endgame against FM Martinez in round 5.

Pranav Venkatesh

Even more fight in round 6!

The duel between two Argentine young stars resolved in a draw, while Sadhwani appeared poised to defeat Martinez, and Murzin seemed on the brink of victory against Pranav.

WGM Candela Francisco and Faustino Oro

Murzin and Sadhwani converted their advantages, while Woodward-Klimkowski and Seemann-Erdogmus matchups remained undecided.

Seemann Jakub and Erdogmus

IM Klimkowsi failed to convert a winning endgame against IM Woodward. IM Erdogmus defeated IM Seemann and emerged as the sole leader after 6 rounds, accumulating 5 points. He is closely followed by top seed GM Sadhwani (4.5/6).

Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus (Photo Patricia Claros Aguilar)

Here is the current standings so far.

More action awaited !