Jeddah Chess Festival Highlights: Outcomes from Rounds 2 and 3


In round 2, the fight between both Indian players Pranav and Sadhwani ended in a draw, when Jakub Seemann managed to beat his Polish compatriot Jan Klimkowski with the Black pieces!


Sadhwani and Pranav

Jan Klimkowski and Jakub Seemann 

Round 2 was again a highly figthing one as we witnenssed four decisive outcomes!

- Murzin 1-0 Woodward
- Oro 0-1 Erdogmus
- Pranav 1/2 Sadhwani
- Francisco 1-0 Rey Martinez
- Klimkowski 0-1 Seemann.

In Round 3, Andy Woodward scored his first win, beating Fautisno Oro. The Argentian super-kid keeps impressing us but has not opened his count yet, let's wish him the best! Erdogmus-Pranav ended in a draw.

Andy Woodward

Andy Woodward and Fautisno Oro

While top seed Raunak Sadhwani managed to beat Candela Francisco, Jakub Seemann continues wowing us as he's now on 3/3 after defeating Volodar Murzin! Round 3 ended with a draw between Jaime Rey Martinez and Jan Klimkowski. The Spanish player opened his points count! What a fighting round again!

Raunak Sadhwani and Candela Francisco

Tournament Standings Summary:

IM Jakub Seemann is impressing with a flawless record, leading with 3/3! He is closely pursued by IM Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus and GM Raunak Sadhwani, both with 2.5/3. GM V Pranav and IM Jan Klinkowski follow closely with 2/3 and 1.5/3, respectively. GM Volodar Murzin is facing a challenging start with 1/3, sharing the same score as IM Andy Woodward. Candela Francisco, the sole female participant in the Masters, secured one point out of the first three rounds.

Jaime Rey Martinez (0.5/3) and Faustino Oro (0/3) currently hold the 7th and 8th positions, but with four games remaining, they still have opportunities to secure their first victory!

More action coming!