International Chess Talents Arrive in Jeddah Ahead of Festival Kick-off


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – As anticipation builds for the highly awaited Chess Festival in Jeddah, the first wave of international players has started to arrive, led by a notable contingent of talented young chess enthusiasts from Spain.

(From left to right) Saúl Robledo, Rayan, Jaime Rey, Álvaro Bravo, Hugo Garijo 

A group of super-talented Spanish teenagers has already landed in Jeddah, ready to showcase their skills on the grand stage. The excitement is palpable as these budding chess prodigies, accompanied by their coaches and supporters, gear up for a memorable competition.


(Spain Team)                                                                                  (Morocco Team)


(Mr. Chaher, Mr. Bechir and Iyed from Tunisia)                                                        (Andy Woodward and his mom)

However, the Spanish contingent is not alone; the influx of international players has begun, with chess enthusiasts from Morocco, Tunisia, Argentina, and the United States also making their way to Jeddah. The organizing team is diligently ensuring a warm welcome and smooth arrival for each participant.

(Abdul Rahman Al-Shabihi- Morocco)

"On behalf of all chess enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia, I extend a heartfelt welcome to our international guests. We are thrilled to host such diverse talent, and we look forward to the spirited competition that lies ahead," expressed Chokri SAIDI, the head of the organizing committee.

Stay tuned for more updates as the chess world converges in Jeddah for this exciting event!