Arabian Karpov Cup Online U18: Global Chess Prodigies Face Off!


Chess enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the 2nd edition of the Arabian Karpov Cup Online U18, set to kick off today at 20:00 from Madrid, Spain. Organized by Go-Makkah and overseen by International Organizer Patricia Claros, this event promises a thrilling competition among players born in 2006 or later.

Key Details:

Location: The event will take place on the platform, providing a dynamic and competitive online environment.

Time Control: With 9 to 11 rounds (depending on participation), the games will be played with a time control of 3 minutes plus a 2-second increment per move, ensuring fast-paced and strategic encounters.

Participants: A diverse field of young chess talents from countries such as Spain, Romania, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, and more will vie for victory in this exciting tournament.

Tournament Format: Following the Swiss system, the event will offer a fair and competitive structure for all participants.

Prizes: Beyond the thrill of competition, participants will have the chance to win prestigious titles, valuable prizes, exciting trips, and other exceptional rewards.

Live Updates: Chess enthusiasts can follow the event's progress, check participant lists, and view results on the Chess-Results page.

As the chess world turns its attention to this international online showdown, the Arabian Karpov Cup Online U18 promises not only intense battles on the virtual board but also an opportunity for young talents to showcase their skills and compete at a global level.

Chess lovers who wish to witness this exciting event can follow the updates on the official Chess-Results page and join in the anticipation as the next generation of chess stars makes their moves in the Arabian Karpov Cup Online U18.

Stay tuned for an exhilarating display of strategic brilliance and exceptional talents in the world of youth chess.