Unveiling the Thrilling Lineup for Jeddah U-18 Grand Masters Festival !


In an exciting development, the stage is set for the much-awaited Jeddah International Under-18 Grand Masters Chess Festival, and the final lineup promises an extraordinary showcase of young chess talents.

We are pleased to welcome Jakub Seemann from Poland, born in 2008 and the reigning world champion in the U16 category. His inclusion adds another layer of expertise to an already stellar lineup. 

Jakub Seemann

These emerging young champions, carefully selected from a global pool of chess prodigies, stand out as a prominent highlight of the festival. Their exceptional skills and rich experiences promise to elevate the event to new heights.

Furthermore, the presence of renowned international chess masters adds an extra layer of prestige and excitement to this unique gathering of elite young players. Get ready to witness an exhilarating display highlighting exceptional talents and strategic brilliance from the rising stars of the chess world.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the commencement of the Jeddah International Under-18 Grand Masters Chess Festival!

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