Chokri SAIDI Recognized for Outstanding Chess Contribution in 2023


In a significant milestone, Chokri SAIDI, the driving force behind the organization of the Al-Madinah Chess Festival, has been recognized by the Al Oyoun Chess Club in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as one of the most prominent Arab figures in the chess community for the year 2023.


Vote of Confidence in Arab Chess

Chokri SAIDI, a Tunisian international organizer hailing from the city of Gabes, Tunisia, has been actively supporting chess associations across Tunisia. His efforts aim to promote the chess culture throughout the country.

Notably, Chokri SAIDI is recognized as a key figure in the Arab chess scene, particularly for his role as the organizer of the prestigious annual Djerba International Chess Festival. This recognition is underscored by accolades from major European chess magazines.

Head of the Organizing Committee (International Organizer).

At the helm of the organizing committee is Chokri SAIDI, an alumnus of Sorbonne University in France and the founder of the Ibn Battuta TOUR OPERATOR company.